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Letter from the Board: Oct. 19, 2018

Hello Spectrum Community!

The Spectrum School Board of Directors has been working hard to support Mary Beth and the teachers during the first few months of school. Meetings have included committee/task force reports, including the Playground Task Force and the Education Committee. The Playground Task Force dealt with playground and property safety issues prior to the start of school and in the future will begin to address the addition of some new features in the playground. The Education Committee is working closely with Mary Beth and the teachers to continually improve curriculum continuity, assessment and communication with parents. Some of the Education Committee’s work was shared at Curriculum Night, September 27th. Remember, if you as parents have questions regarding your child’s progress and or our curriculum, please ask your child’s teacher or speak to Mary Beth.

Strategic planning meetings are being held to develop a path to make Spectrum School sustainable in both the short and long term. These sessions include determining skill sets needed for new board members and is ongoing based on short and long term needs. Another part of the strategic board planning includes fundraising. Planning for a large fundraising event held in the spring will begin initial meetings in the next few weeks. Hosted by the board, it will require the participation of the board, staff and parents to be successful.

The Board, in addition to the staff and a few students, worked to host our first Alumni event on September 29. It was well attended with people coming from as far away as Texas. Future alumni events hope to increase future attendance.  Special shout-out thank you to Marci Hallgren and Heather Kulpa for all of their help and support!

Enjoy Fall with your families and have a great Halloween!

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