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Dr. Mary Beth Cunat


- BA in Elementary Education, Knox College, 1984
- MA in Teaching (specializing in Instructional Technology), Aurora University
- MA in Educational Leadership, Northeastern Illinois University
- Doctorate in Urban Education Leadership, University of Illinois, Chicago

Previous Experience

- Began principalship at Spectrum July 2018
- Principal at Wildwood IB Elementary for 8 years, Chicago Public Schools
- Assistant Principal at Burley School for 3 years, Chicago Public Schools
- Various district level professional development roles for 7 years, Chicago Public Schools
- Classroom teacher for 18 years, teaching in the Dominican Republic, Archdiocese of Chicago, and Chicago Public Schools


Dr. Mary Beth Cunat is a life-long learner and educator. Her pedagogical passion has always been progressive approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment that advance student ownership of learning and a child’s love for school. This is why Spectrum is such a great fit. Mary Beth is grandma to twin girls who went from future Spectrum students to current Spectrum students.

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