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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future


Empathy for Endangered Animals!

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Overview of 2022-2023 Theme & Organizing Values

Let’s think about the absolute most important values we have regarding children and childhood. Reflect about learning, and what makes it meaningful, exciting, and relevant. Let’s wonder about this institution called “school” and all we have learned, especially during the pandemic, about the way schooling provides experiences that align or diverge from child-centered values. 

What do we MOST WANT for children from their time in school? As a professional learning community, we have asked ourselves this question, and share below some of our thinking and organizing towards making it happen. 

For this year, under the theme EVERYONE COUNTS (puns intended) we are naming and organizing Spectrum by the values of BELONGINGNESS, EMPATHETIC HEARTS, and UNHACKABLE BRAINS

Teachers are intentional, collaborative, and creative in how they are planning and implementing a program of learning that supports opportunities to experience and nurture these values in every child. We are publishing a library of short vlogs to explain each of these organizing values in detail. Bold blue words above are our first few videos, with more on the way. 

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Knowing HOW to think critically through any situation is necessary for success in life.


Cultivating creativity helps children bring their unique thoughts, feelings, and identity to the world.


Reflecting allows students to assess the effectiveness of their thinking, work, and interactions.

Making an Impact

Learning should be purposeful. It allows children to make a positive difference in their own lives, communities, and the world.

Spectrum Student Life

Life as a student at Spectrum Progressive School is a unique and fun experience. Both inside the classroom and out, students are encouraged to think, create, and reflect on their learning.

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Letter from Jacque Lind: Explaining Spectrum Processfolios! November 11, 2022

Dear Spectrum Family and Friends, Spectrum Progressive School has always prided itself on the strong partnership the staff…

Updated Staff & Students COVID19 Protocols

CLICK HERE for Updated Staff and Students COVID19 Protocols (updated 8/24/22)!

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Something for Everyone!

Student choice and ownership of a variety of learning enrichment options.



Interest Groups & Passion Projects

Leveraging children's interests and passions helps them to learn how to learn.



How We Teach & Learn @ Spectrum

Grounded in experiential, developmental, and intelligence based approaches.



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School can be a place where children love learning... a place filled with wonder, joy, and a sense of positive identity and connection.

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When one visits Spectrum you are able to see the age interaction between all of the students and their smiles. The atmosphere is one of learning but sharing that love among all. Their Compass program is one that reminds us of Bloom Academic Focus Program.  The staff demonstrate a care and desire for all to succeed which is a very important key for a child’s love of learning.

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