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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future


Overview of 2023-2024 Theme & Organizing Values

Every Spring at the very end of the school year, the teachers and staff go through a brainstorming process to select the annual theme around which we integrate multi-disciplinary curricular units, literacy explorations, and school events. It was a strange thing when Marci suggested “Re-Connect” and everyone sort of nodded and said, “Of course….”

We want to re-connect with nature, with ourselves, with each other. We love the idea of re-connecting with our favorite books and stories, with art, and with cultural and historical themes.

We like the idea of turning off the ever-present screens to re-connect with attention to others, conversation, and discourse.

BELONGINGNESS, EMPATHETIC HEARTS, and UNHACKABLE BRAINS are still underlying aspects to our work at nurturing positive school culture and growing whole human beings, but re-connect weaves through those ideas as well.

Our hope is this is a year where we can re-connect with parents and families in such a welcoming and meaningful way that you feel a sense of ownership over our sweet little school, this place called Spectrum, that has been creating a positive space and place for children and learning for over half a century. Re-connect with your own sense of wonder as you partner with us in the most important work of the universe- enriching and celebrating childhood.

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Knowing HOW to think critically through any situation is necessary for success in life.


Cultivating creativity helps children bring their unique thoughts, feelings, and identity to the world.


Reflecting allows students to assess the effectiveness of their thinking, work, and interactions.

Making an Impact

Learning should be purposeful. It allows children to make a positive difference in their own lives, communities, and the world.

Spectrum Student Life

Life as a student at Spectrum Progressive School is a unique and fun experience. Both inside the classroom and out, students are encouraged to think, create, and reflect on their learning.

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There’s something for everyone!


Something for Everyone!

Student choice and ownership of a variety of learning enrichment options.



Interest Groups & Passion Projects

Leveraging children's interests and passions helps them to learn how to learn.



How We Teach & Learn @ Spectrum

Grounded in experiential, developmental, and intelligence based approaches.



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School can be a place where children love learning... a place filled with wonder, joy, and a sense of positive identity and connection.

As both a veteran educator of 25+ years and a mom, I was thrilled to find a progressive school in our area.  Spectrum’s philosophy supports hands-on, individualized learning that you simply cannot find in most public schools today.  The low student-teacher ratio combines with project and interest-based learning experiences to create an environment second to none.  Within weeks of his arrival at Spectrum, my son, Cameron, was shocked and thrilled to discover that not only was he allowed to work and collaborate with his peers, but it was encouraged!  Spectrum Progressive School educators value the learner diversity in classrooms and work tirelessly to meet each student where he/she is at to help support individual learning styles and perspectives.  We just couldn’t be happier to attend this wonderful school.

Avra R.

Cameron's Mother


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