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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future

Vision and Mission

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Our Mission

To create mindful, self-directed learners for life.

Our Vision

Spectrum Progressive School will be known as the leader in education where the discovery and development of an individual’s full potential is mutually nurtured by student, family, school, and community through contemporary and progressive research-based methods.

Why Spectrum?

Spectrum students have the confidence to be deeply engaged in learning, work, and communication. They have the skills to think critically and creatively. They understand how to collaborate and know how to ask questions. They can solve problems in a variety of contexts, applying what they know to what they need to do. They care about their communities, humanity, and the natural environment. They work to make a positive difference in the world.

At Spectrum, we believe....

Learning is a process that involves the whole child. It doesn’t happen by children plugging in a formula or plugging children into a formula.

Children learn differently and need multiple ways to express and demonstrate their learning.

Deeper learning happens when children are given a chance to figure things out for themselves.

Every child is gifted and it is up to the educator to figure out how to honor, develop and expand upon each child’s gifts.

Children deserve individually designed learning that meets them where they are at and helps them advance at their own pace.

Learning is fundamentally social, connecting the learner with others and the world.

Children need to feel safe at every level- socially, emotionally, academically, physically. This helps them build relationships, take risks, follow their passions, and  develop empathy.

School should be a place that grows leaders who change their communities and the world for the better.