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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future

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It is important for families to understand the Spectrum Progressive School teaching program and how our program is different from traditional school. Review our website and videos to see how learning can be fun, hands-on, and exciting for your child. Next, schedule a tour of our school! You and your child will walk through our classrooms to see our teachers and students in their learning communities.

Spectrum School is a private, independent, non-sectarian school serving the Rockford area and surrounding region including Beloit, Janesville, Roscoe, Rockton, Boone County and Dekalb.

Our Model of Education

What is Progressive Education?

Attending to the whole child:  Progressive educators are concerned with helping children become good people not just good learners

Community:  Learning isn’t something that happens to individual children-separate selves at separate desks.  Children learn with and from one another in a caring community, and that’s true of moral as well as academic learning

Collaboration:  Progressive schools are characterized by what we like to call a “working with” rather than a “doing to” model

Intrinsic motivation:  Progressive educators are likely to ask “what’s the effect on students’ interest in learning, their desire to continue reading, thinking, and questioning?”

Active Learning: In progressive schools, students play a vital role in helping to design the curriculum, formulate the questions, seek out (and create) answers, think through possibilities, and evaluate how successful they- and their teachers- have been

Deep Understanding: Progressive education tends to be organized around problems, projects and questions- rather than around lists of facts, skills, and separate disciplines.  The teaching is interdisciplinary…to invite them to think deeply about issues that matter and help them understand ideas from the inside out

Taking Kids Seriously:  Progressive educators take their cue from the children- and are particularly attentive to differences among them (Taken from



Connecting with


21st Century


Class Size Matters

Traditional classrooms of 25 or more students with one teacher cannot meet the unique needs of individual learners. At Spectrum, small groups and one-to-one conferencing allow for teachers to understand every student’s specific strengths, interests, and opportunities for academic growth.

Connecting with Nature

Numerous opportunities for all Spectrum students to interact with and learn from the nature around the school. We have paths leading through prairies, wetlands, and woodlands where we can engage children in naturalist learning.

21st Century Work

Progressive approaches to education ARE 21st Century, abandoning the factory model from their inception. They focus on thinking, collaborating, problem-­‐solving, creativity, and the learner’s experiences of school, not a static curriculum based on a child’s age.