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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future

Early Elementary

Welcome to Inside the Classroom! This is a space where we post weekly updates of what’s happening within the walls of our amazing classrooms. Feel free to browse the updates to see what amazing learning adventures our students are having.

Early Elementary Highlights! May 13 – May 17

Cillian was our change counter on Monday! Going on a 

Early Elementary Highlights! May 6 – May 10

Early finished their lion watercolors this week...they are paw-some! Outside 

Early Elementary Highlights! April 29 – May 3

Get It, Marci! We love our buddies in Upper School!Spreading 

Early Elementary Highlights! Apr. 22 – Apr. 26

EE had a blast playing with the parachute at RU 

Early Elementary Highlights! Apr. 15 – Apr. 19

Our Drama area has turned into a castle for royalty! 

Early Elementary Highlights! Apr. 8 – Apr. 12

What a great day to view the solar eclipse!Happy Birthday 

Early Elementary Highlights! Apr. 1 – Apr. 5

Hee Haw Hoedown Pictures! I didn't know we had so 

Early Elementary Highlights! Mar. 18 – Mar. 22

Work Time in Early Elementary!Guest Artist! This week, we hosted 

Early Elementary Highlights! Mar. 11 – Mar. 15

A Note from Miss Megan! Howdy folks! The Hee Haw 

Early Elementary Highlights! Feb. 26 – Mar. 1

"If I Were President" at All School Sharing!Getting ready for 

Early Elementary Highlights! Feb. 20 – Feb. 23

Spanish Class Afuera! It's was a beautiful day for Spanish 

Early Elementary Highlights! Feb. 12 – Feb. 16

Happy “100th” day of school with special 100th day stations!Can 

Early Elementary Highlights! Jan. 29 – Feb. 2

Worktime Fun!This is what it’s all about! Future Creators! Mozart! 

Early Elementary Highlights! Jan. 22 – Jan. 26

Early students working on place value with groups of ten!IE 

Early Elementary Highlights! Jan. 16 – Jan. 19

We finally got to play our guessing game with our 

Early Elementary Highlights! Dec. 18 – Dec. 22

Crazy Socks Day! We had so much fun trying out 

Early Elementary Highlights! Dec. 11 – Dec. 15

So much fun writing our “Rudolph” concrete poems! Spanish Class 

Early Elementary Highlights! Dec. 4 – Dec. 8

It was a big day in Art class working on 

Early Elementary Highlights! Nov. 27 – Dec. 1

First recess snow is the best!Making life-size tracings of our 

Early Elementary Highlights! Nov. 13 – Nov. 17

We shared a pretend Thanksgiving dinner during Drama! Working very 

Early Elementary Highlights! Nov. 6 – Nov. 10

Sorting our favorite Thanksgiving foods into food groups! We enjoyed 

Early Elementary Highlights! Oct. 30 – Nov. 3

Dia de Muertos! In preparation for Día de Muertos, I 

Early Elementary Highlights! Oct. 23 – Oct. 27

We had so much fun learning about & labeling skeletons 

Early Elementary Highlights! Oct. 16 – Oct. 20

Maddox read his amazingly creative book to IE and EE 

Early Elementary Highlights! Oct. 9 – Oct. 13

Ocean Creatures & Journaling! This week, we shared our ocean 

Early Elementary Highlights! Oct. 2 – Oct. 6

How many spiders in our counting jar? We put our 

Early Elementary Highlights! Sept. 25 – Sept. 29

A very productive worktime!Cillian reading to Shadow during Quiet Reading! 

Early Elementary Highlights! Sept. 18 – Sept. 22

Morning Language stations!Tuesday! Bailey led calendar and circle time with 

Early Elementary Highlights! Sept. 11 – Sept. 15

Art with Miss Megan! This week was full of collage 

Early Elementary Highlights! Sept. 5 – Sept. 8

We loved having Linden and Zayden join us for the 

Early Elementary Highlights! Aug. 28 – Sept. 1

Happy First Day of School! Intermediate and Early got to 

Early Elementary Highlights! May 15 – May 19

Early's countdown to summer started this week...with bubbles! Happy Bubble 

Early Elementary Highlights! May 8 – May 12

Sight Word Memory with our first years in Reading Horizons!Making 

Early Elementary Highlights! May 1 – May 5

Spectrum Art Auction! Our annual Spectrum Art Auction is coming 

Early Elementary Highlights! Apr. 24 – Apr. 28

Bee Interest Group! We are learning about the different parts 

Early Elementary Highlights! Apr. 17 – Apr. 21

Morning dinosaur acrostic poems!April Showers!What a fun Field Day morning 

Early Elementary Highlights! Apr. 10 – Apr. 14

First years practicing reading to second years before they read 

Early Elementary Highlights! Apr. 3 – Apr. 7

Early students learned Clap, Pat, Steal this week!Shorter, shortest, longer, 

Early Elementary Highlights! Mar. 27 – Mar. 31

Linear measurement in our Math group!Morning stretching in Yoga! Can 

Early Elementary Highlights! Mar. 13 – Mar. 17

Working on magic numbers in partners for the past few 

Early Elementary Highlights! Feb. 27 – Mar. 3

Lavender was a wonderful hostess to our visitor, Karina! More 

Early Elementary Highlights! Feb. 20 – Feb. 24

Another successful Virtual Meeting in the books! EE having so 

Early Elementary Highlights! Feb. 13 – Feb. 17

Celebrating our 100th Day of School with some trail mix 

Early Elementary Highlights! Feb. 6 – Feb. 10

Exploring symmetry!Work Time! We had a very busy and productive 

Early Elementary Highlights! Jan. 30 – Feb. 3

Move It! We had so much fun participating in Intermediate's 

Early Elementary Highlights! Jan. 23 – Jan. 27

Busy Work-time! A very busy work-time, manning our space station, 

Early Elementary Highlights! Jan. 17 – Jan. 20

Sully shared his yellow belt, and Reid shared his figures 

Early Elementary Highlights! Jan. 9 – Jan. 13

Happy Birthday celebrations for Max and Bennett!Early's Space Shuttle! EE 

Early Elementary Highlights! Jan. 3 – Jan. 6

EE is turning our Drama area into a Space Station! 

Early Elementary Highlights! Dec. 12 – Dec. 16

Upper helping Early make our family Christmas gifts!Building Time!Some afternoon 

Early Elementary Highlights! Dec. 5 – Dec. 9

Heather and I are trying to think of a fun, 

Early Elementary Highlights! Nov. 28 – Dec. 2

This Week, we celebrated 5th birthdays for Bailey, Tinsley, and 

Early Elementary Highlights! Nov. 14 – Nov. 18

Happy Birthday Sully! Maddox's Dogman creation! Making mind movies 

Early Elementary Highlights! Nov. 7 – Nov. 11

Pattern Exploration!Happy St Patrick’s Day? EE was busy at work 

Early Elementary Highlights! Oct. 31 – Nov. 4

Happy Birthday Miss Jacque! Earlier in the week, we 

Early Elementary Highlights! Oct. 24 – Oct. 28

Leftover apples = crockpot applesauce!Tinsley was so proud of how 

Early Elementary Highlights! Oct. 17 – Oct. 21

Apples! Early Elementary worked with Miss Heather on our apple 

Early Elementary Highlights! Oct. 10 – Oct. 14

Sensory Bin! We added an apple pie making sensory bin 

Early Elementary Highlights! Oct. 3 – Oct. 7

Math with Miss Claire!Working on our family trees!Grandparent Visits! Bailey 

Early Elementary Highlights! Sept. 26 – Sept. 30

It was a beautiful day to walk to RU for 

Early Elementary Highlights! Sept. 19 – Sept. 23

Quiet afternoon reading with Gus!Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! 

Early Elementary Highlights! Sept. 12 – Sept. 16

Max's Lego robot and Bennett's Lego blaster!Early and Intermediate enjoyed 

Early Elementary Highlights! Sept. 6 – Sept. 9

So proud of their individual and group creations!Auggie’s sharing day! 

Early Elementary Highlights! Aug. 29 – Sept. 2

Early has had a BUSY first week back! Here’s an 

Foresters’ Adventures! May 16 – May 20

Our band did a great job Tuesday morning at their 

Foresters’ Adventures! May 9 – May 13

A beautiful morning for tennis finally! After tennis, we took 

Foresters’ Adventures! May 2 – May 6

So much fun today with our new friend, Carl Kole! 

Foresters’ Adventures! Apr. 25 – Apr. 29

Recess Fun! Congrats Anna on losing your first tooth 

Foresters’ Adventures! Apr. 18 – Apr. 22

Happy 6th Birthday to our Malin!Worktime fun!Outside pretend cooking! A 

Foresters’ Adventures! Apr. 11 – Apr. 15

Happy happy birthday Oliver!Money Fun!Lots of movement fun with Miss 

Foresters’ Adventures! Apr. 4 – Apr. 8

Forester Hopscotch Heaven! Measurement Scavenger Hunt!A chilly but fun 

Foresters’ Adventures! Mar. 28 – Apr. 1

We had so much fun reading to Lydia this week!Our 

Foresters’ Adventures! Mar. 14 – Mar. 18

STEM Challenge! On Wednesday, we had a STEM challenge: to 

Foresters’ Adventures! Mar. 7 – Mar. 11

Dear Family, With a $25 order, you can pick a 

Foresters’ Adventures! Feb. 28 – Mar. 4

A sneak peek at our princes and princesses for our 

Foresters’ Adventures! Feb. 21 – Feb. 25

Happy TWOSday! TWOSday Activities! Celebrating 2s today! We counted by 

Foresters’ Adventures! Feb. 14 – Feb. 18

Valentine's Celebration! We had cookies and juice (thanks Otis!) and 

Foresters’ Adventures! Feb. 7 – Feb. 11

Replicating partner designs!Lots of building going on during work time!For 

Foresters’ Adventures! Jan. 31 – Feb. 4

What do animals do in the winter? Look closely and 

Foresters’ Adventures! Jan. 24 – Jan. 28

Snowy recess! There are few things I enjoy about Winter. 

Foresters’ Adventures! Jan. 17 – Jan. 21

Worktime Wednesday! Busy work time today. We’re working hard on 

Foresters’ Adventures! Jan. 10 – Jan. 14

We've been lucky enough to enjoy Yoga multiple times this 

Foresters’ Adventures! Jan. 3 – Jan. 7

Foresters are so excited to be back to “Worktime”!Loving ThinkThink!Happy 

Foresters’ Adventures! Dec. 13 – Dec. 17

Foresters working on our geometric Christmas trees!Working on our special 

Foresters’ Adventures! Dec. 6 – Dec. 10

Foresters playing “school” during work time, with Master Rhett as 

Foresters’ Adventures! Nov. 29 – Dec. 3

Another very fun Early/Preschool worktime, including a Science experiment with 

Foresters’ Adventures! Nov. 15 – Nov. 19

Otis was so proud to read a book to us 

Foresters’ Adventures! Nov. 8 – Nov. 12

Forester Work Time! Forester work-time lends itself to endless possibilities! 

Foresters’ Adventures! Nov. 1 – Nov. 5

Tuesday work-time fun!Forester pattern making & "guess my pattern!"Early morning 

Foresters’ Adventures! Oct. 25 – Oct. 29

Our first venn diagram of the year, comparing spiders to 

Foresters’ Adventures! Oct. 18 – Oct. 22

Outdoor Work-Time! We were able to enjoy some great weather 

Foresters’ Adventures! Oct. 11 – Oct. 15

Our playground gets very muddy. Please send in rainboots (or 

Foresters’ Adventures! Oct. 4 – Oct. 8

Happy birthday to Jude this past Monday!Busy Monday! Yoga and 

Foresters’ Adventures! Sept. 27 – Oct. 1

Xander went on a grasshopper hunt during recess! Malin and 

Foresters’ Adventures! Sept. 20 – Sept. 24

“It’s that autumn time of year, in the northern hemisphere!” 

Foresters’ Adventures! Sept. 13 – Sept. 17

Starting our week with language activities and yoga!Happy Birthday Alex!Music 

Foresters’ Adventures! Sept. 6 – Sept. 10

Monday worktime!Happy Birthday James! Cooperative building stations!Button sorting! As 

Foresters’ Adventures! Aug. 30 – Sept. 3

The Foresters 2021-2022! Happy first day back Foresters! They wasted 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! May 17 – May 25

Dreamers counting down the days until Summer Break!Parachute Design Challenge!Take 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! May 10 – May 14

BUGS! Filling our bug houses we created with bug treats, 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! May 3 – May 7

Thank you Madison! We have been so lucky to have 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Apr. 26 – Apr. 30

CLICK HERE for the Tacky The Penguin video, starring the 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Apr. 19 – Apr. 23

Dreamers' Alphabet Art! Thank you to Middle Schooler Lily for 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Apr. 12 – Apr. 16

The alligator’s mouth is always open to the bigger number!Working 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Apr. 5 – Apr. 9

“Wake up! Wake up! Spring is here!” Design Thinkers 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Mar. 29 – Apr. 1

Recess and quiet reading in small groups!Math Workshop: floor plans 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Mar. 15 – Mar. 19

Cube Buildings in Math Workshop!Busy Monday! The Dreamers had a 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Mar. 8 – Mar. 12

Finishing up our lines project in Art!The Solar System! We’re 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Mar. 1 – Mar. 4

Mallet Instruments and Clifford the Big Red Dog! Putting 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Feb. 22 – Feb. 26

Non-standard units of measuring! Measuring each other’s footprints, among other 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Feb. 15 – Feb. 19

Oil Pastels in Art! Experimenting with oil pastel techniques, cool 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Feb. 8 – Feb. 12

Sharing our Art with Miss Pam!Making our “hug” valentines for 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Feb. 1 – Feb. 5

Happy 6th Birthday Liam! Time! We had so much fun 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Jan. 25 – Jan. 29

Counting Workout for morning movement break! Design Thinkers working 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Jan. 18 – Jan. 22

Presidential Inauguration! The Dreamers spent a few minutes on Wednesday 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Jan. 11 – Jan. 15

Math Workshop! Design Thinkers create a story problem based on 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Jan. 5 – Jan. 8

Working on Winter Landscapes in Art with Miss Pam!Favorite Winter 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Dec. 7 – Dec. 11

Design Thinkers worked with mirror symmetry today during Math Workshop!Whether 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Nov. 30 – Dec. 4

Wildfire unit! Kicked off our Wildfire Unit today with a 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Nov. 16 – Nov. 20

Art dedication! Evan was so proud of his beautiful art 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Nov. 9 – Nov. 13

Working on Invent-O-Vate creatures with Ms. Pam!Thank You letters to 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Nov. 2 – Nov. 6

It’s a puzzle kind of morning for the Dreamer classroom!"Stem" 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Oct. 26 – Oct. 30

The Dreamers working hard on our new Art project!Bats! Bat 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Oct. 19 – Oct. 23

Math Workshop: seeing numbers as groups of hundreds, tens, and 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Oct. 12 – Oct. 16

John = Student of the Week! A very intense game 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Oct. 5 – Oct. 9

Parents of Dreamers!! Check out October's scholastic flyers HERE! Orders 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Sept. 28 – Oct. 2

The Design Thinkers sing Autumnal Equinox with Ms. Sue 

Dreamers and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Sept. 21 – Sept. 25

Monday's Divergent Thinking Task! Make a representation of a spider 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Sept. 14 – Sept. 18

Design Thinkers' Nature Hike/Spider Web Hunt!Share the Love with Mrs. 

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Sept. 8 – Sept. 10

After much deliberation, it has been decided that Ms. Jacque's 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! May 25 – May 29

Summer Reading with Miss Jacque! See the flyer to join 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! May 18 – May 22

Japanese weather from Ms. Keiko! Humphrey Read-aloud with Ms. Jacque! 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! May 11 – May 15

Families! We've had some of you express interest in hosting 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Apr. 27 – May 1

End of Year Conferences! End of Year Conferences will be 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Apr. 20 – Apr. 24

This past week's schedule review! Digestive System projects! Some of 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Apr. 13 – Apr. 17

What the Sock Monkeys have learned about the respiratory system! 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Apr. 6 – Apr. 9

Fun story elements song! Jack Hartmann is the best! Alex's 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Mar. 30 – Apr. 3

Quick recap of our schedule this past week! Enjoy our 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Mar. 23 – Mar. 27

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To our wonderful Sock 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Mar. 9 – Mar. 13

Adding our skeletal system to our life size human bodies!A 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Mar. 2 – Mar. 6

Learning new signs for Spring! Patterns, patterns, and more 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Feb. 24 – Feb. 28

Below, you'll find brief details to THREE separate Sock Monkeys' 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Feb. 18 – Feb. 20

Career Day! What a wonderful “Career” Day with the Sock 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Feb. 10 – Feb. 14

Science of Sound Interest Group! This group had a busy 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Feb. 3 – Feb. 6

It was a short and busy week here with the 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Jan. 27 – Jan. 31

Please sign up for Mid-Year Conferences using this link. Thanks! 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Jan. 21 – Jan. 24

Spatial Thinkers!Making music together! Such a fun recess! Sock 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Jan. 13 – Jan. 17

Exploring and experimenting with sound!Making words at calendar time!Exploring rectangles 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Jan. 6 – Jan. 10

Ordering rectangles during Math Workshop!Movin' and groovin' in Music class! 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Dec. 16 – Dec. 20

So many Santas! Ho, ho, ho!Special mail delivery from the 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Dec. 9 – Dec. 13

Here's a link to the Heifer International website and, specifically, 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Dec. 2 – Dec. 6

Thanks to everyone who sent change in with students for 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Nov. 18 – Nov. 22

Grandparents' Day is just about here! On Tuesday November 26th, 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Nov. 12 – Nov. 15

Japanese class! Writing our Japanese names with black beans and 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Nov. 4 – Nov. 8

Young Crafters Interest Group! A fun first day of Young 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Oct. 28 – Nov. 1

Reading our scarecrow poem at All-School Share! Coding Galore! 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Oct. 21- Oct. 25

Third year students exploring coding as a possible topic for 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Oct. 14 – Oct. 18

Writers' Workshop! Working with partners on strategies like reading your 

Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Oct. 7 – Oct. 11

Bridge building! Bridge building after a unit on goats and 

Introducing: The Early Elementary Sock Monkeys! Sept. 30 – Oct. 3

Sock Monkeys! We are the Sock Monkeys! This Grassroots art 

Early Elementary: Sept. 23 – Sept. 27

Oak leaves as big as your head! Productive morning! Everyone 

Early Elementary: Sept. 16 – Sept. 20

Grassroots Sharing! Rebecca’s Grassroots sharing: Bucha Bar! Everyone tried a 

Early Elementary: Sept. 9 – Sept. 13

Halloween Origami & Ikebana! So many fun activities with Ms. 

Early Elementary: Sept. 3 – Sept. 6

WELCOME! Intake Conference Sign-Up went out this week via email. 

Chickadees’ Diaries: May 20 – May 24

Get outside, get healthy! This is an amazing program filled 

Chickadees’ Diaries: May 13 – May 17

Getting "Jiggy With It" at Rockford University! Reflection Reflection 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Apr.29 – May.3

Summer Reading Last book order of the year — stock 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Apr.22 – Apr.26

Earth Day Cleanup!Fun from Start to Finish! As always, feel 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Apr.15 – Apr.19

Junior Gardeners Planting beans, examining and comparing seeds, and of 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Apr.8 – Apr.12

Upcoming Schedule: Monday 4/15 Interest Groups Tuesday 4/16 Interest Groups 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Apr.1 – Apr.5

We had a wonderful time at our field trip to 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Mar.18 – Mar.22

Rockford University Bear crawls, alligator chomps, frog jumps, OH MY! 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Mar.11 – Mar.15

Chickadees building sentences together!Fun in Japanese! Learning clothing vocabulary through 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Mar.4 – Mar.8

Kindness: The Soundtrack On Monday, Amy, our artist in residence, 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Feb.25 – Mar.1

100 Days of School! To celebrate 100 days into our 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Feb.19 – Feb.22

Chickadees' Notes: Super exciting news!!! Our class as well as 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Feb.11 – Feb.15

Paper Bridges How can I make a paper bridge support 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Feb.4 – Feb.8

Fox study in Art Class: Drawing and ClayKindness We are 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Jan.14 – Jan.18

Positively impacting the future, one day at a time...Daniel’s work-time 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Jan.8 – Jan.11

2019: LET'S DO IT!Work Time Daniel does research on the 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Dec.17 – Dec.21

Farewell, 2018!Getting ready... Chickadees are hard at work, putting the 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Dec.10 – Dec.14

Holiday fun GALORE! Heads Up: Mrs. Puetz has asked that 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Dec.3 – Dec.7

Hello, December!Super Science Fridays! We have been working with simple 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Nov.26 – Nov.30

Wrapping Up November! We will be setting up “Santa’s Workshop” 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Nov.12 – Nov.16

Processfolio & Holiday Activities!Processfolio Rebecca describes her work samples as 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Nov.5 – Nov.9

Chickadees' Diaries: Nov.5 - Nov.9 Early Elementary needs drivers for 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Oct.29 – Nov.2

Language, Leaves, and LOTS of Candy! November 20 - Field 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Oct.22 – Oct.26

Early Elementary's work ethic is at an Upper Elementary level! 

Chickadees’ Diaries: Oct.15 – Oct.19

Enjoy this glimpse at some of the work and fun