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Empathy for Endangered Animals

Spectrum School Global Ambassadors:

Empathy for Endangered Animals

This year (2023), we were invited by Meg Languages, our Spanish program, to be part of their Student Global Ambassadors Program, where we work with other people around the country and world and try to make a difference on a problem we are worried about. 

We are worried about endangered animals. Habitat loss, pollution, artificial creations made by humans, like homes, are taking up space. Forests are being down. There is poaching of endangered animals for their products or as trophies. For example, elephants are killed for ivory. Some animals are killed for their organs to use in medicines. People throw litter on the ground, and waste in the water. Animals eat the garbage and get sick and even die. 

Sometimes it seems like people do not care. But maybe they do not know. We want to inform people and get them to change their behavior. We will urge them to support organizations that are working to protect endangered animals. We have picked several animals and for each we have picked an organization that helps that species.


We have presented to our school community and we plan to share our project with our local media. We also are using social media to promote our campaign. Below is a slideshow of progress of our project in late March 2023. 

Spectrum School has chosen Summerfield Zoo as our local animal organization that we’d like to support, and is the organization tied to a number of the endangered animals below.

We have been working with a iWorker graphic artist in Argentina, Jahel Prieto, to help bring these visuals to life. Thank you Jahel for your support in transforming student art into beautiful animal logos! You can see our drawings and her graphics on the slideshow and posters. They are really cute and we are calling them digital stuffies!

Watch and listen as students from our Intermediate Elementary class give you a project update on their student ambassador project, Empathy for Endangered Animals.

EfEA’s Digital Stuffy Campaign

Spectrum School’s Global Ambassadors are developing an international campaign to ignite our project, Empathy for Endangered Animals (EfEA). 

  • Please donate beanie-baby sized stuffed animals that we can use to say thank you to local donors. Donations accepted through May 15, 2023
  • Please review our advocacy posters below to learn about the animals we selected and choose the endangered animal(s) to which you would like to make a contribution to save. 
  • The link to the donor page for each organization is listed on each advocacy poster, as well as by scanning/clicking the QR code on each poster.
  • Please send an email to letting us know to which organization you donated, and how you would like to be listed on the donor section of this page. 
  • We will issue a thank you certificate from EfEA, a virtual stuffy, and to local families, we will give them an actual stuffed animal!

Donors Section: THANK YOU to the following donors for believing in us and our mission!

Emily Hopkins – Koala/Summerfield Zoo

Jackie Bonavia – Arctic Wolf/National Wildlife Federation

John Bonavia – Arctic Wolf/National Wildlife Federation

Jude Bonavia – Arctic Wolf/National Wildlife Federation

Jo Anne Bonavia – Arctic Wolf/National Wildlife Federation

Cheryl Boeke – Arctic Wolf/National Wildlife Federation

Maribeth Peterson – Arctic Wolf/National Wildlife Federation

The Vavra Family – Arctic Fox/Summerfield Zoo

Gary Knappenberger – Macaroni Penguin/Shedd Aquarium

Jennifer Lungstrom – Sea Turtle/Shedd Aquarium

The Cunat Family – Arctic Fox & Tiger/Summerfield Zoo

Sue Puetz – Koala, Tiger, & Spider Monkey/Wildlife Rescue & Summerfield Zoo

Jeanne & Dan Noe – Arctic Fox/Summerfield Zoo

April Noe – Pink River Dolphin/Shedd Aquarium

Nick & Carol Carbone – Spider Monkey & Tiger/Wildlife Rescue & Summerfield Zoo