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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future


Our Approach

Our Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

Spectrum Progressive School fosters learning as a life-long process. Spectrum Progressive involves each of its students in a personalized, action-oriented curriculum throughout all development levels. Multi-age groupings provide appropriate and essential social interactions to ensure that each student progresses at his/her own developmental pace.

The Goals of the Curriculum Are To:

Allow children to develop, through active involvement, the skills of reasoning, planning and problem-solving within and beyond the school setting.

Develop secure self-concepts based on belief in their own abilities and firm foundations in the fundamentals of learning.

Guide the children in exploration of the arts, literature, the accomplishments of civilizations and the diversity of cultural heritage.

To create mindful, self-directed learners for life.

Although Spectrum is progressive, it should not be considered permissive education. We set high expectations and standards for our students. We are not interested in an accumulation of facts, but in learning for understanding and application. As stated in our mission, students participate in an integrated fine arts and academic program with a major emphasis on active learning – learning to think, solve problems and rationally assess their actions in school for today, and throughout life.

Parents are strongly urged to grow in their general knowledge of the philosophy of Spectrum School and how it applies to their children’s programs. Spectrum School, therefore, highly recommends that parents attend observation days, educational programs, conferences and other similar meetings.

Multi-Age Groupings

This form of interaction encourages connection and learning between levels, flexible groupings and increased movement between groups. In addition, multi-age groupings provide:

Multi-year, predictable placement with deeper understanding of the child’s learning needs and style

Differentiated development and academic stages

Extended family-style, in-depth relationships with children and parents

A more continuous learning process.  Time to build patterns, rituals and traditions

A respect of individual differences

Increased motivation and self-esteem

An easier avenue to see and follow progress

Encouragement to children to naturally help and support each other

Our Approaches

Active Learning

Interactive, participatory learning provides experiences in which children have opportunities to discover, create and invent. Children have the opportunity to refine their questioning skills and engage in practical problem solving

Self-Initiated Learning

Encouraging learning based on a child’s interests and abilities stimulates the learning process. It also exposes children to the interests and ideas of other students.

Social Interaction

This increases opportunities for learning by encouraging communication between children, between child and teacher, between the school and home, and between the school and the community.

Broad Range of Experiences

A well-rounded base of experiences stimulates awareness and further investigation of all content areas. Exploration of and involvement in community activities provide a strong basis for authentic learning.

Nurturing Affective Environment

The environment at Spectrum promotes the acceptance of responsibility for oneself as a individual and in association with others. This helps to develop the appreciation for and acceptance of each person’s uniqueness. It expands problem solving to the social level.

Integrated Curriculum

The Spectrum Curriculum weaves the building blocks for learning into every experience. It facilitates the learning process by planning common areas of content across many kinds of subjects.