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World Language & Culture Studies

Learning how to learn a second or third language will position Spectrum students to engage in deep world language study as they have further opportunities in high school and college. At Spectrum, interacting with different languages and cultures takes a variety of forms:
  • We offer American Sign Language in Preschool, Early, and Intermediate twice a week.
  • Intermediate as well as 6th Graders engage in Japanese and Japanese studies twice a week, with regular cultural experiences at Anderson Gardens as well as pen pals and arts integration.
  • Japanese and conversational Spanish (with Principal Cunat) will both be Middle School electives.

The students’ first Kendama lesson, a Japanese skill toy! 

With the Japanese phrase written on the canvas, these are custom illustrations of what it means to each student. Translation? “Everyday is a good day!”

Finishing up Happy New Years cards to mail to people in Japan!











A is for Awesome job, Preschool! 

ASL Handshape Word Wall, with a QR code on each word to scan and watch a video of how the sign is done!