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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future

Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! May 3 – May 7

Thank you Madison!

We have been so lucky to have a virtual student teacher in our classroom this year, and Monday was her last day! Madison has hung out with us twice a week, read us stories, and gotten to know all of your kiddos Sending out a HUGE congrats to her on her upcoming graduation AND lots of “we’ll miss you”s.
Here is our going away video we made for her!

Impressive, Novella!

Preparing to complete a fun map activity that Novella from Middle School created for us as part of her personal learning project!

“May the Fourth Be With You” fun with Princess Leia! Don't we have the best Music teacher?!

Getting creative and artsy with a marine ecosystem food chain!

Food Chain presentations!

Some of the Design Thinkers preliminary work on their Food Chain presentations. We shared and brainstormed Friday afternoon. Next week, we persevere through some of the coding challenges and refine! It’s a good start!

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