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Explorers’ and Imagineers’ Highlights! May 3 – May 7

Bubble Day!

We made bubble solution, bubble wands, and we blew SO MANY bubbles!!! We also chased bubbles…they can be hard to catch!

Seed Day!

We began by preparing a spot for our seeds to live! Step one: dirt! Seed hunts in the woods were also on the agenda. Although many of the seeds we found in the Fall had been eaten by the birds and animals, we found others! We found dandelions (our favorite), seeds in pine cones, helicopter seeds, bird seed (fell from the birdfeeder), etc!


This week, the Explorers continued to investigate bugs. We learned that ladybugs eat aphids. What are aphids and why is it good that ladybugs eat them? We also learned some ladybugs spots are symmetrical. Ask your Explorer what that means and see if they remember! We used potatoes and made ladybug prints and brainstormed words that make a “L” sound like ladybug!


Good work, Sully!

I thought this was a pretty neat observation that Sully made! He noticed if you change the Y at the end of the word May into an X…you get Max!

Mothers' Day gifts!

Getting our MOTHER’S DAY gifts put together was quite a job, with many different steps. Only with the help of a wonderful Middle Schoolers were we able to get it done! They were amazing, and the IMAGINEERS loved the attention!
This is not the first time the Middle Schoolers have jumped in to help us… we appreciate them so very much!

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