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Foresters’ Adventures! Feb. 14 – Feb. 18

Valentine's Celebration!

We had cookies and juice (thanks Otis!) and cupcakes (thanks Ailena!) and a whole day of fun! Check out our stuffed full valentines boxes!

Happy Day 100!

Just a few of our 100 day activities included resting for 100 seconds this morning then seeing how many jumping jacks/push-ups we could do in 100 seconds and how high we could count in 100 seconds. We learned that 100 seconds is a LONG time!
We were pretty excited to bundle our tens into one giant bundle today!!
Stay tuned for our 100th day books coming home this week. We just ran out of time and wanted to finish some things up before we sent them home.
Big thanks to Sarah Pearson for our 100th day snacks that came home today!! We have the best class and the best parents.

A few pictures of the Foresters’ recess!

Student Photographers!

This week, I’ve been handing my phone over and letting the kids take their own pictures of their hard work during work time! These are all student pictures and fun to see from their perspective!

Move over “Project Runway” designers: Xander is on his way to becoming famous with Luna as his model!

We are really in to our 20 minute quiet reading time!

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