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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future


Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Oct. 5 – Oct. 9

Parents of Dreamers!! Check out October’s scholastic flyers HERE! Orders are due Oct. 16th, and your orders help us earn free books for our class! Our class code is XMGTG!

Colors of the rainbow!

We refracted light to find ALL the colors of the rainbow. (Something we discussed when we were talking about solar power and why black absorbs more light than other colors.)

Leaf creature bookmark art project for Miss Pam!

Home grown pumpkins!

HUGE thanks to the Faulkner’s for donating home grown pumpkins for our class! We picked our pumpkins today for a future project!

Brayden built a second termite mound at home!

The Dreamers' interpretation of our Spectrum community! Can you see the likeness?!

Design Thinker Morning Work: counting sets of mystery objects and representing the total is various ways!


This week, Paxton was the Dreamers’ student of the week! Yay Paxton! Thank you for always being kind and helpful and where you need to be!

Get out and enjoy the amazing weather this weekend!

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