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Chickadees’ Diaries: Jan.8 – Jan.11

2019: LET'S DO IT!

Work Time

Daniel does research on the Native American moons. Livia builds a sled for a stuffed puppy she received for Christmas. Declan and Brayden study geometry and money as they build, explore and create at the light table. And much much more!

Student interest and accountability = Authentic Learning!
This is Spectrum.

Science Friday!

Science Friday was a blast! ?

We launched ourselves into the topic of the red planet by first reading Life On Mars by Jon Agee. Then, we investigated real life “Marvels of Mars” like Happy Face Crater and Olympus Mons. Finally, we took on a mission— program your Curiosity rover to check for signs of water, chemical traces, and geological evidence.

Whew! Your little Chickadees are probably exhausted after all of that! Enjoy your weekend!

Thanks for checking in on our very first entry of 2019 of the Chickadees' Diaries!

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