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Wildthings’ Adventures: Jan.8 – Jan.11

2019: LET'S DO IT!

  • Nature School: Don’t forget all of your winter gear! Boots, snow pants, gloves, hats, thermals, etc…
  • It’s conference time! Please take a moment to sign up for a conference by CLICKING HERE!

Tuesday & Wednesday

  • This week, we have a new 2 new friends in the morning: Henry and Caleb!
  • Tuesday, we read “Lost and Found” by Oliver Jeffers and talked about making new friends.
  • Wednesday, we read “Should I Share My Ice Cream?” by Mo Willems. Throughout this week, students are being asked to practice sharing with others. We practiced in class passing our “ice cream” around the room.
  • In small groups, we read “The Tortoise and the Hare”. In our 4 & 5’s groups, we practiced making sentences. In our 3’s groups, we practiced recalling the story. 
  • Your child came home with a book and a worksheet (I’m cringing at the word worksheet). You do not have to do the worksheet, it is just an extra activity if your child would like to do it with you.
  • It was way too cold to go outside for Nature School Wednesday, so instead we stayed indoors and learned about eco-systems. We played a game called “eco web” with a ball of string to demonstrate how living things are connected.
  • We also did a little Science with bath bomb powder lots of messy fun!

Thursday & Friday

Thursday in nature school, we strung cranberries and popcorn to hang outside. We also spent time noticing the changes in the prairie grass. We found where the deer have been sleeping and noticed how the grass laid differently where they slept.

Friday, we were excited to see all the popcorn we spread on the ground was eaten, we found a pile of scat in the area we placed the popcorn which we decided was a sign that the deer might have eaten the popcorn. We also discussed what other animals might have enjoyed the snack.

Thanks for checking in on our very first entry of 2019 of the Wildthings' Adventures!

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