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Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Apr. 26 – Apr. 30

CLICK HERE for the Tacky The Penguin video, starring the Early Elementary Dreamers!

Pretend Classroom!

Meet Miss Mariah and Mr. Otis! We had so much fun in the Drama area today with our pretend classroom. Thank you Miss Heather for setting this up for us!

Candyland Music Notes game!

Celebrating Wish Day and May Day!

It was a beautiful afternoon to play “Mr. Fox” for movement break!

Intro to our Geometry unit with toothpick/marshmallow shapes!

Underwater Watercolor Scene!

Beginning some watercolor resist backgrounds for an underwater scene. Experimenting with color, texture, and technique!

Ava from Middle School shared her science project on volcanoes with the Design Thinkers!

Design Thinkers using microscopes!

Middle Schooler Nolan did a presentation on space for our class!

Wishing tree all-school celebration!

It's gonna be MAY!

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