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Explorers’ and Imagineers’ Highlights! Apr. 26 – Apr. 30

Explorers waiting for the big wind to see if it’ll fly their planes!

Tuesday Action Shots!

Imagineers' Food Week!

We made some wonderful food recipes throughout the week! Eric Carle’s book TODAY IS MONDAY is about food for everyday of the week, but we picked ZOOOP, the Wednesday snack. ZOOOP is not well described, so we decided it was a LOT like trail mix, and all of the Imagineers brought in a healthy treat to share and we mixed them all up! The kiddos LOVED it, everyone had lots of things they liked and saved the rest to share at home. They liked it so much they kept asking for more, so we sent another baggie full the next day! THANKS TO THE WONDERFUL IMAGINEER PARENTS WHO SENT A SNACK IN ON RIDICULOUSLY SHORT NOTICE!

Safety First at Spectrum!

We practiced a “lockdown” drill to be ready if, by some unlikely circumstance, there should be an intruder in the building. We met an officer who talked about why it was so important to hide and be quiet…we pretended we were not there as we sat against a wall. The IMAGINEERS did an amazing job of following directions, and were very happy to “remind” each other when someone forgot!

Recycling and Insects!

This week, the Explorers learned about the recycle symbol, what to look for on containers we use, and why its important to recycle. We are discovering insects and learning about Cicadas too!

Sequencing how to make a peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich, and then making it! YUM!

It's gonna be MAY!

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