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Letter from the Principal: May 7, 2021

Dear Spectrum Families and Friends,

Why appreciate Spectrum teachers and staff? 

Thoughtful about the learning experiences they prepare for your children, day in and day out

Each Spectrum staff member really cares about your children…it is way more than a job.

Anyone ever stop and think about how much risk our teachers and staff took regarding their own and their families’ health, to stay open and in-person all year? 

Collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication are CORE to our learning community. 

Helping children to develop as people of integrity and as students who take ownership of their learning. 

Empathy, energy, enthusiasm, enjoyment…who realizes how much Spectrum teachers embed these into your children’s education?

Readiness, relationship, relevance, responsiveness, rigor…our teachers consider all of these as they prepare learning for your children. 

Here’s your homework. Please thank your child’s teachers. If you missed it this week, do double in the coming weeks.

Dr. Mary Beth Cunat


Spectrum School  

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