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Brainstormers’ and Creatovators’ Highlights! Apr. 26 – Apr. 30

We finished our fraction number line during Math on Monday!

Beginning sketches from our koi art investigation!

Sign Language!

Throughout the school year, Kelli and Aly have incorporated Sign Language into various classroom activities. Each student in their classroom uses Sign Language EVERY DAY. What a great way to work on their expressive skills!

I was able to capture a great example—when we announce outdoor temps for recess, using Sign Language.

Notice their amazing receptive skills! Kudos to the Creat-ova-tors for all the progress they’ve made this year!

Prepping for the Art Auction!

Outside read aloud!

Milla's sketch for our latest read aloud, The Watsons Go To Birmingham!

We love Gloria!

Field Trip!

Talk about perfect weather for a field trip! We had a great time collaborating with the Middle Schoolers and joining their Amazing Race with activities, disc golf, and lunch at RU!

Wishing Day!

Saturday, May 1st, is Wishing Day. Thank you Katherine Applegate for the beautiful book that has inspired this annual school-wise tradition!

It's gonna be MAY!

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