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Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Feb. 22 – Feb. 26

Non-standard units of measuring!

Measuring each other’s footprints, among other items, with nonstandard units of measuring. Otis even figured out perimeter!

Afternoon worktime with the Dreamers!


Quiet reading and trying astronaut fruit (thank you Mary Beth) while we looked at some pictures from Perseverance. Make sure to ask your Dreamer about the Sun this week!

Happy Birthday Master Otis! We love you!

Thank you Anna for our amazing necklaces!

Ancient Science!

The Middle Schoolers shared their Ancient Science demo projects with us Friday. They did such such a wonderful job! We are inspired to do projects of our own!

Engineering Challenge Friday!

This week the Design Thinkers met our new classmate: Sphero Mini (he’s the cutest little robot!!)
We have been working on learning different ways to code Sphero— and today our engineering challenge was to create a Yeti cover for Sphero using just egg cartons and scissors.
We spent a lot of time revising and testing prototypes. We have a few bases that are working and next week we will try to build them out to be a bit more yeti-like!

Have a relaxing weekend!

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