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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future


Early Elementary Highlights! Sept. 11 – Sept. 15

Art with Miss Megan!

This week was full of collage technique exploration! Students worked in 2D and 3D with magazines, decorative paper, paper strips, and tissue paper. They followed their inspiration to create some wonderful art!

Charlie Over The Ocean!

We played a fun singing game this week, Charlie Over The Ocean, that dates back to the 1950’s or as early as the 1700’s. It is a circle game much like Duck Duck Goose!

Maddox did a wonderful job leading Yoga on Thursday for Early and Intermediate!


We focused on rhythm this week and played a Corn Maze Escape game. Students rolled the dice and moved their game piece to the rhythm that matches. The teams worked so well together. This week, emphasis has been on quarter notes, rests, eighth, half and whole notes.

Have a great three-day weekend!

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