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Foresters’ Adventures! Nov. 8 – Nov. 12

Forester Work Time!

Forester work-time lends itself to endless possibilities! James taught me how to play “Kings in the Corner” while Sully and Xander draw a Fall still life!

Pine Cones!

I snuck a few girls away to go on a pine cone hunt for an upcoming project. They overfilled the bag in minutes and then used pine needle wands to help show the way to more pine cones!

Alex and Xander made a seesaw on Monday! I think Physics is in our future!

Some domino action during this afternoons work time!

New edition!

We are so excited to have Casey Pilcher (Anna and Reid’s mom) joining our Early Ed team on Wednesdays to do some projects with us! Not everyone got a turn today, but those who didn’t will get to next week! It was so much fun to be big helpers to our preschool friends! Thank you Casey!

Indoor recess: Veteran’s Day edition!

Have a relaxing weekend!

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