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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future

Travelers’ Tales! Nov. 8 – Nov. 12

Graham and Auggie proudly sharing the books they worked so hard on!

We wished Mateo a happy 4th birthday this past Tuesday!

The Little Scarecrow Boy!

We introduced scarecrows with a riddle: What Am I? The Travelers were given four clues. After we figured it out, we read The Little Scarecrow Boy by Margaret Wise Brown. In the story, the scarecrow boy had to learn to be fierce and make six different faces that would scare the crows away. The travelers drew those faces.  Ask your child to make a fierce face!

Morning arrival at the table this week included pattern blocks shapes, colorful popsicles sticks, and picture to match patterns and shapes!

Travelers working together, taking turns, and sharing!

Lots of Art projects going on in the Travelers’ classroom!

Fall Hike Scavenger Hunt!

If we went on a hike in the fall, what do you think we would see? Pine cones, leaves, pumpkins , spider webs and so much more.

The Travelers went on a scavenger hunt around the classroom today searching for hidden fall pictures.

Have a relaxing weekend!

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