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World Explorers’ & Trail Blazers’ Journal! Nov. 8 – Nov. 12

Photo Investigation!

Both IE groups collaborated during a photo investigation of the Maasai people. This introduction inspired many questions for our upcoming field trip to Burpee Museum!

A beautiful November Monday for improving our tennis technique with instruction from Coach Daniel!


We learned about hearing aids and cochlear implants today, as well as completed an ASL word search!

Design Challenge!

Our design challenge today was to build a successful water filter with our team. We began by reading The Water Princess by Susan Verde, a true story inspired by Georgie Badiel’s childhood!

Burpee Museum!

We learned so much during our visit to Burpee Museum today. This temporary exhibit on Eastern Africa will be leaving at the end of November.

Thanks to Cameron’s grandpa who brought in some items from his time in Africa! And as always, thank you to our amazing drivers!

Trailblazers celebrating Veterans Day!

We took a virtual field trip to Washington D.C. and had a wonderful discussion on acts of service. Be on the lookout for Trailblazers’ plans for serving their own communities and the world!

World Explorers celebrating Veterans Day!

Our Veterans Day projects included writing letters for Operation Gratitude and creating poppy art!

Locating the continents on our world salt maps!

Have a relaxing weekend!

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