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Sock Monkeys’ Memoirs! Mar. 30 – Apr. 3

Quick recap of our schedule this past week!

Enjoy our updated "Harry Potter" poem, Hogwarts, by the Sock Monkeys!

“Hogwarts Hogwarts

Hoggy Warty Hogwarts

Teach us something please…..”


Why do we all blink and fart and even sometimes sneeze? Gavyn

Like spells and transfiguration and a divination and don’t forget levitation. I learned a lot for today, but now I will see you another day. Livia

I want to read magic spells that make disgusting smells. Julia

It would be cool to read about trees. Xander

Please, please, please about the bees! Margot

We want to learn about birds, and why some can speak words. Stella

Magic spells, magic potions, so I can abracadabra. Alex G.

I want to learn about math, but first I have to take a bath. Asher

We want to know how we can make sprinkles, ice cream and pink cake. Mariah

Why oh why do cats and dogs not get along, Oh please?!! Rebecca

I want to skate and sing, Oh gosh! I want to learn everything!! Jayden

Look at these Sock Monkeys' facts about the Nervous System, as well as the AMAZING N.S projects turned in!

Feel free to utilize these Scavenger Hunts to keep the kiddos busy, moving, and thinking!

Numbers, Colors, and the Very Hungry Caterpillar Song for Japanese Practice!

Look what these two found on their walk!

We are so proud of what the Sock Monkeys have learned about the Circulatory system!

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