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Early Elementary Highlights! May 15 – May 19

Early's countdown to summer started this week...with bubbles! Happy Bubble Party!

Day 2 = Popsicle Party!

Thank you to all the Early families and kiddos who joined us for this beautiful day of baseball!

While some students had a blast at the baseball game, we had some fun of our own!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Soccer over the last 6 weeks!

Spectrum Garden Is In!

A huge thank you to the non nappers in Preschool and the students who were in Early who helped us pull the weeds, turn the soil, and plant! We can’t wait to enjoy the pumpkins, watermelon, peppers, kale, celery, tomatoes, marigolds, and herbs that you planted!

The next balloon is...Cracker Jacks!

Max was so excited to share his “Serious Bling” souvenir from the White Sox game!

Fun Day lived up to its name!

Have a relaxing weekend!

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