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Letter from the Principal: May 19, 2023

Dear Spectrum Family and Friends,

I am going to follow Sue Puetz’s lead and try to put this last week to song: 

(Sung to the tune of Girl From Ipanema)


So much happens, yes so much happens 

At Spectrum School just so much happens

It’s time to tell the story and celebrate 


Band performances, talent shows,

Piano recitals, art auction goes (live)

Baseball games, Fun Day, and Egg Drops, too


Ooooh, don’t forget all our hard work

Ooooh, don’t forget the great friendships


It’s so great to have teachers that care!

Joy in learning is seen everywhere….


Spectrum School, a special place

Where children learn at their own pace

Their interests drive so much of what we do….


Dr. Mary Beth Cunat
Spectrum Progressive School of Rockford 
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