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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future


Early Elementary Highlights! Oct. 3 – Oct. 7

Math with Miss Claire!

Working on our family trees!

Grandparent Visits!

Bailey and Tinsley’s grandma Maryann brought in a picture of their family on vacation taking an old-time portrait with fancy clothes on! Their grandpa Dave (or Gaffer) brought in a calendar he got as a gift that has a different Bailey and Tinsley picture for each month! Auggie shared his fire station with his great grandma!


Thank you to all of our grandparents that have come in to visit!

Jude counting by 5's with Miss Heather!

Class Share!

James shared his drone, Auggie shared his fire truck, and Serafina shared her special book about Mirabel and her! Great job, you all!

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