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Foresters’ Adventures! Oct. 11 – Oct. 15

Our playground gets very muddy. Please send in rainboots (or even snow boots or grungy shoes) for students to change into for recess. This keeps their feet dry, shoes clean, and mud out of our classroom. If they do not have a change of shoes, they are limited to dry areas at recess. Thank you all so much!!

PS: We also have some students who are saying old boots do not fit! This weekend is a perfect time for a size check!

The first graders had their first tennis lesson with Coach Dan this week!

Action packed Tuesday!

Our popcorn sensory table is in full swing! We’re also busy making books, drawing skeletons, playing in drama, building, painting…. whew. We are busy!

Nothing like a good old fashion game of “War” at inside recess!

Another very productive work-time for the Foresters on Wednesday!

A very successful Math class for first year EE students, matching numerals to number!

Paxton is so proud of the car he made from recycled materials during work-time on Thursday!

Have a relaxing weekend!

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