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World Explorers’ & Trail Blazers’ Journal! Oct. 11 – Oct. 15

Supply Request:

Miss Sue is in the process of putting together one of her FANTASTIC holiday programs and she needs your help! If you can, please go through your holiday bins and see if you have a reindeer headband (no lights, bells, or patterns). She needs 10 headbands. Thank you for your constant support!

Tennis Class!

Exploring the sport of tennis with Coach Daniel with our first lesson. We are excited to have this opportunity each Monday and Friday during October and November!

Learning about latitude and longitude with a healthy snack!

States of Matter!

Exploring the states of matter this week!
Adding heat to a solid (ice) changes to liquid (water) and then a gas (steam)
Adding cold to a liquid (whipping cream) to make a solid (ice cream).

Tile Cards!

Trailblazers learned a new math game today called Tile Cards that can be used when they finish work early. It helps review multiplication and division and algebraic reasoning.

Puzzles, spirographs, drawing, and chess during indoor recess!

Dry Ice experiment!

We continued our exploration on the states of matter Friday with a dry ice experiment. Here’s a look how we observed sublimation with frozen carbon dioxide

Artists in residence - Jane and Laura, led us through a printmaking (trace monotype) project on Tuesday & Thursday!

Some of our completed prints!

Finding the center of gravity as we prepare for our Alexander Calder mobile projects!

We celebrated Alex's birthday on Friday, happy birthday Alex!

Have a relaxing weekend!

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