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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future


Dreamers’ and Design Thinkers’ Highlights! Oct. 19 – Oct. 23

Math Workshop: seeing numbers as groups of hundreds, tens, and ones!

Science experiment!

What keeps this water in the jar?? No, it doesn’t have a lid! (just a mesh screen)

Counting Math stations, "Build It" math games, and spider headbands, OH MY!

Practicing counting and creating monsters...a perfect rainy Friday afternoon!

This week in Dreamer’s Art: Qtip Skeletons!

Student of the Week!

Anna was the Student of the Week this week in the Dreamer’s classroom! She has worked so hard as our virtual student and is a wonderful part of our class! We’re so glad we get to include her in our classroom! Congrats Anna!


Wrapping up our Tree unit, the Dreamers got a visit from a tree expert Friday! Thank you for answering all our questions about trees, Tom!!

Getting ready for Halloween and El Dia de Muertes with Sugar Skull art!

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