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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future


Brainstormers’ and Creatovators’ Highlights! Oct. 19 – Oct. 23

The Brainstormers need some donations for a project next week, thanks!
– small (shoe box size) boxes
– paper towel and toilet paper tubes


Felix and Nathan’s game is called Balloon Ball, and Milla/Kaylee/Chase’s game is called Cats vs Monsters! For these games, students brainstormed ideas in partners, surveyed their classmates using Google Forms, revised their games, participated in a peer review, and revised again before writing their playbooks of rules and diagraming their field of play!


Using cubes and box patterns to discover how to figure out volume!

Restaurant construction during recess Thursday!


DaLyla teaching our class how to travel through her “Wings of Fire” obstacle course Thursday morning!

Working on our new art project - Gargoyles!

Future builders and architects!

Obstacle Courses!

The Crea-ova-tors enjoyed Lilah’s jungle themed obstacle course, completed Jace’s Indiana Jones obstacle course, and tested out Milla’s dessert-themed obstacle course!

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