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Bluejays’ Journal: Apr.1 – Apr.5

Terse Verse

Today we wrote “terse verse”. This is a type of poetry featuring rhyming words which answer a question. Here are our some of our terse verses (some editing has occurred):


Kelley: What do I like to eat for dinner?
Cheese Peas

Charlie: What do you call the Chinese version of a small dog?
A Fat Rat

Jude: What do you call stretchy plastic?
Elastic Plastic

Kat: What do you call a cloud that has no confidence?
A doubty cloudy

Nolan: What do you call a kitty that ate a stick?
A bat cat

Ava: What do you call the area you should sit?
A dot spot

Salem: What do you call a colorful instrument?
A yellow cello

Yannik: What do you call thick salt water?
Ocean lotion

Lily: What do you call fruit eaten by a grandma?
A nana banana

Frankie: What do you call a fat dog?
A thick lick

Isaac: What do you call a cool cow?
A cow wow

PE Wednesday at Rockford University!

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