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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future


Bluestems’ Dossier: Mar.11 – Mar.15

Bluestems’ Friendly Reminders:

  • We need drivers for two field trips next week: Monday – Rockford University 8:45AM – 9:45AM, and Wednesday – Forest City Gear 8:45AM – 11:30AM (rescheduled from January).
  • Literacy Night on Wednesday April 20 from 5:30PM – 7:00PM.

Trying out traditional Japanese clothing!

Jungle Hut

Coloring our Jungle Hut as part of our getting ready for Literacy Night. Come next Wednesday to join us and curl up with good book in our hut!

Practicing Chinese calligraphy with ink and newspaper!

The Beauty of Spectrum!

Every child focused and engaged in a project he or she has designed and learning deep material including the following fascinating facts:

The capybara is a columbian animal that is the largest rodent in the world; Female eagles have a wingspan of 7 feet, while males have a wingspan of 6 feet; Australopithecines were the second evolution of human ancestors who were the first to walk like modern humans; when using the Sketchup drawing program, it is easier to start with a foundation and build upward when making a house; Human handlers dress in panda costumes when interacting with panda cubs to help them assimilate to the wild; and so much more!

Genius Hour Projects!

Making more progress on our Genius Hour projects. These students are exploring a variety of topics from dragons, to dolphins, snakes, and sewing!

Playing “Race to Pi” during Math!

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