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Bluestems’ Dossier: Nov.5 – Nov.9

Bluestems' News & Upcoming Dates

  • Be sure to join us for Processfolio Night anytime between 3:00PM – 6:00PM in our classroom. This will be a time for you and your student to go over the work samples that they have organized. Students and teachers have made choices that will stay in their permanent files, and you will have an opportunity to make choices as well. The work samples will show the students’ progress over the first 50 days of school and will help us plan for future academic goals. Teachers will be available to assist students and will schedule an additional conference if parents have additional questions or concerns regarding their child.
  • November 20 = Field trip to Coronado Theatre to see Rosie Revere, Engineer
  • December 20 = Winter Program @ 6:30PM

Early/Inter Collaboration

Sharing our projects with the Chickadees on Monday.

Projects galore!

Beginning new investigations this week!

Tom Sawyer

Our students get to enjoy a live viewing of the Windy City Players presenting “Tom Sawyer”

Never too early for Christmas music!

Here’s a few students during rehearsals for our Holiday Concert December 20th!

Pennies for Patients

Please consider donating your pennies (and change in general) during November’s “Pennies for Patients!”

Thanks for tuning in for this chapter of the Bluestems' Dossier!

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