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Brainstormers’ and Creatovators’ Highlights! May 17 – May 25

Getting started on our summer reading lists with a book tasting!

Last Tuesday, half of the Creat-ova-tors worked very hard giving 4 wonderful concerts while the other half worked very hard helping get our garden ready!

Lots of Genius Hour sharing this past week, learning about army life, chameleons, WW2 planes, cats, Rockcut trails, snowy owls, and more!

End of the year messages on Summer Sunbursts and painting inspirational messages on rocks to pass out to our friends on Monday!

The Creat-ova-tors finished writing their letters to their penpals from Japan!

Playing Takenoko!

Next year's middle schoolers meeting together for a game of soccer!

Art Supplies' Budget!

Creat-ova-tors are creating art supply budgets for next year and discussing the best uses for the money from the art auction. Real world math in action! They are estimating class sizes, debating needs vs. wants, calculating costs, and searching for good deals!

Wonderful day at the Fun Run for the Creat-ova-tors despite the drippy weather!

Mary Beth led our class through three science exploration stations!

Great last full day of school!

I will miss these kiddos. They better not be too cool in middle school to say hi to me when we pass in the hallway, and I expect regular updates on the books they are excited about! I look forward to the new class I will inherit next year!
Picnic, hike, land art, water relay, and more!

Creat-ova-tors Rock!

They received a special rock from me and several from friends who picked special phrases or inspirational words to paint on them. Combined with their summer sunbursts, they made for a touching closing activity for the year.

End of the year cleaning!

What an amazing year! Have a wonderful summer!!

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