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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future

Democratic Republic of Middle Schoolers! Apr. 6 – Apr. 9

Middle School interpretations of The Preamble to the Constitution!

“As Citizens of the United States, we want a fair and Democratic country that helps those in need and for this to be embedded in our constitution.” – Braeden

“As us the people, must get a long to make the government better and make America a peaceful place for everyone.” – Diana

Enjoy our TWO latest ZNoodles Podcasts! The first one is with two ghost hunters, and the second with Double T!

Some Art projects from students working with Ms. Pam during Spectrum-at-Home!

Here is a video discussing hail formation, and a piece of hail discovered by Yannik this past week!

Thanks for checking in with the Democratic Republic of Middle Schoolers!

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