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Democratic Republic of Middle Schoolers: Sept. 3 – Sept. 6


Parents, you received an email, and here is the link as well to the sign up genius for in-take conferences next Friday, September 13th. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Introducing: The Democratic Republic of Middle Schoolers!

So, here’s us: The Democratic Republic of Middle Schoolers (logo still to come). On Tuesday, we got to know each other a bit better, organized our math, reading, and writing binders, began our independent reading logs, had our first official lunch in our Middle-School-only space, and became more familiar with our Grassroots theme. Look for heart maps at home tonight and talk about ways writers collect ideas by thinking about all the things they love.

Fiction & Non-Fiction Genres!

A fun game to reorient ourselves with the many genres of fiction and non-fiction. They had to guess which ones they were using only yes or no questions.

Cones for Early Elementary!

Making cones for our friends in our Early Elementary class and filling them with supplies to make school fun. This is the second year in a row of this fun German tradition for welcoming small ones back to school!


Doing a group brainstorming of the elements of Fiction. Writing around the room and sharing our learning. Our Historical Fiction Book Clubs start Friday!

Follow Your Inner Voice!

Engaged silent reading with the strategy of “following your inner voice.” Students capture their thinking as readers week 1.

Science Research!

Current events in science research! ‘What if I told all you guys you were scientists!’ – Mrs. Shannon

School Band!

On Friday, students started their day with a little live music from Aladdin! Students heard a live concert demonstrating the instruments available in the band program at Spectrum. Tuesday, students will have the opportunity to play a few instruments. Thursday, starting at 3:00PM, is registration and band sign-up! Sue Puetz is the band director as well as music specialist at Spectrum. She would be happy to answer any questions!

Social Science Unit!

We started our social science unit. We will be looking at early Britannia at the end of Roman invasion. In prep we got in groups and created our own clans, mottos, and emblems. Here’s some previews.

We hope you've enjoyed this Week 1 look inside the classroom! We'll have plenty more engaged learning and exciting activities for you next week from the Democratic Republic of Middle Schoolers!

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