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Explorers’ and Imagineers’ Highlights! Jan. 5 – Jan. 8

ALL ABOARD! Here come the Explorers pulling into the station after a long Winter Break!

Mittens and Gloves with Miss Sue!


How perfect?! We had a wonderful first day back at Spectrum with the SNOW! Thank you all for sending in winter clothes!
It is so great to see our Imagineers! It is an exciting new year!
Happy New Year to ALL!!!

Favorite Christmas Present Show-and-Tell!

This past Wednesday, everyone was so excited to share their gifts and the rest of us excited to see them!

Slide 2.0!

While the actual slide is off limits due to slippery snow pants, the Explorers invented a new way to get down the hill! I had to test it out myself to see if it’s as extreme as it looks (totally extreme btw)! We’re having a blast!

The snow has been great for sledding and the Explorers are getting pretty good at putting on their snow gear!

Owl Moon!

This week, we read the story Owl Moon by Jan Yolen. This is a wonderful story about a girl and her Pa going on an adventure to hopefully see something very amazing! Ask your Explorer what time of day did the story take place, who is the story about, what did they do, how did they behave in the story, and what happened at the end?


The Explorers tried to spell the word Winter with their bodies. We got WINT! Maybe next week, we’ll get the E and R 🙂

Happy New Year!

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