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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future


Explorers’ and Imagineers’ Highlights! Mar. 29 – Apr. 1

Part of our learning day was deciding what sinks and floats. The Imagineers LOVE SCIENCE!

Family Easter Egg Project!

It’s been amazing seeing what great ideas Imagineers and their families have come up with for decorating Easter eggs. Thanks for all of you who always do a fabulous job with your kiddos at home!

Science experiment!

Explorers test out some packing peanuts that are made from corn and dissolve in water. What are packing peanuts? What does dissolve mean, and why is it good to have packing peanuts that biodegrade?

Signs of Spring!

This week, the Explorers wrote and illustrated a book, Signs of Spring! We created Spring robins and completed the end of the alphabet (thank you parents for your help). Have a Happy Easter!

Have a relaxing weekend!

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