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Explorers’ and Imagineers’ Highlights! Nov. 2 – Nov. 6

The Crow!

The Explorers had a great Monday! We read the story The Crow (A Not So Scary Story) by Alison Paul. We then acted out the characters as the story was narrated. Ask your child what character they acted out!

Creature Tuesday!

Happy creature Tuesday from the Explorers!! This morning, we started off by making some tortoise shell crafts as a hint for who our special guest might be. It was Lucy the Tortoise!!! We then went outside to the garden and picked her some fresh kale (her favorite!!). But creature Tuesday didn’t end there, as we were exploring outside, we lifted up some logs and found some slugs and spider eggs!! And to top it all off, as Malin and I were walking back from the bathroom, we found a cricket in the school! We quickly picked it up and brought him outside before anybody could accidentally step on him! It was yet another awesome creature tuesday!

The magic of Science: the fizzing, color-changing pumpkin!

More magic?! How do you change an orange into a jackolantern? Ask the Imagineers!

Great cooperation and innovation by the Imagineers to march this large stick around the yard!

Old Macdonald has a TURKEY on his farm!


Let us welcome 2 new Imagineers to our classroom! The Student of the Day gets to bring a Show & Tell item to share with the others, choose a song, story and dance for us to do! The kiddos will get a chance approximately once every two weeks.

Halloween at Spectrum back in the day! Recognize anyone?

Enjoy the amazing weather this weekend!

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