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Explorers’ and Imagineers’ Highlights! Nov. 9 – Nov. 13

Explorers' Monday!

Today, the Explorers read the story The Little Scarecrow Boy by Margaret Wise Brown and made some pretty cute (not fierce) scarecrows! Ask your child what kind and how many faces the little scarecrow boy had to make (fierce and six). What does fierce mean? Why did he have to make the faces? What time of day did the story take place? What did the little scarecrow and his father do at the end of the story?

Five Little Turkeys with Mrs. Puetz!

Ten Apples Up On Top Day!

How many apples (beanbags) can we stack on top of our heads?

Trial and Error!

Thursday, the Explorers estimated how many Crawlers are in a package. Malin guessed the exact amount!! Then, we did a science experiment to see if we could make worms dance. Sometimes experiments work, and sometimes they don’t. On this day, ours didn’t work. A thought was that the worms were too big. So, tomorrow will try again with smaller worms!

Apple and Pumpkin fun!

Imagineers peeling and coring apples is fun, hard work! Sapphire was thrilled when the “pumpkin noodles” started peeling out, and Dylan helped with “mechanical problems” when the mechanism got stuck!

"I can show the cycle of a pumpkin" hat!

Making pumpkin slime...yuck! (nah, they loved it!)

Recess Conversation

Me: Hey why aren’t you playing with the other kids?
A: Because I’m just relaxing on a rock.
I did ask the question…

Have a relaxing weekend!

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