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Explorers’ and Imagineers’ Highlights! Oct. 26 – Oct. 30

Live performance!

The Explorers got to see a live band performance this morning. The band was amazing and the kids were excellent audience members!

Explorers had fun charging items with flashlights to see if they would glow in the dark!

A new visitor!

Tuesday morning as I was walking into the classroom, I noticed an eight legged friend crawling across our floor!! This was a male brown house spider! We safely put our arachnid friend into our bug box for the class to observe. The kids decided to name him Benny! House spiders typically enjoy hanging out in the cracks and crevices in your home hence their name house spider. We had the kids pick out some rocks and other pieces of nature to make him a mini habitat so he’s comfortable until we release him back into nature later in the day!

Trick or Treat with Mrs. Puetz!

Still working on our names...slow and steady!

So fun, so clever: Trunk or Treating the SPECTRUM way!

That's a wrap for Trunk or Treat AND October!

Enjoy your Halloween weekend!

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