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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future

Gummi Bears’ Highlights! Dec. 7 – Dec. 11


All of Middle School will return to in-person learning at Spectrum School, starting this Monday, December 14th. 

Movement breaks are necessary!

Everyday during e-learning, we schedule a Movement Break to make sure we get up and use our bodies. Here is a preview of our first days images. Go Gummi Bears!

Women's Suffrage Movement!

This is a long conversation, and I am not sure anyone will listen. But this was a wonderful conversation with a few of the girls about the Women’s Suffrage Movement. They gave me permission to record. I promise you will learn something. I am so, so impressed.

#RockingELearning #GummiBears #GirlsRule

Ender's Game Predictions!

Do you want to enjoy some wonderful videos?
1) Click on the link to the right under the picture.
2) Then, click “Enter Guest Password” (Spectrum) to login as a Guest and watch some of the prediction videos we have been making on our novel Ender’s Game!


Believe in yourself, each one of us has something special that we were created to manifest on this planet. Please feel free to be part of our discussion that we had today.

Advanced Math!

Calum and Ben have been doing some wonderful advanced math. We have been talking a great deal about change over time and understanding how to graph functions and lines.
The video is our class on Systems of Equations.
This is Calum’s thinking about if there could ever be a graph NOT showing Change over Time.
Line Graphs always show change over time, or do they. According to Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity time and space are linked together and you can’t move through space without moving through time and the opposite is true as well. And if line graphs show change over time they could also show change in time over change in space. Which means a line graph could show how much time is passing based on how fast something is moving through space.

Have a relaxing weekend!

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