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Gummi Bears’ Highlights! Jan. 18 – Jan. 22

Root words!

Creating our own charts to track the languages English words come from!

DBQ essays!

Check out Isaac’s video where he explains new evidence he is learning to help answer his DBQ essay on the Eisenhower administrations responses to the Cold War!

Fun games with Math, measuring, and proportions of radius!

Cross-Hatching and Scratch Art lesson!

Fun Physics labs!

Words that emerged from our first Fun Physics labs. No answers, only questions and hypotheses!

Motion, inertia, and gravity, OH MY!

Observing, wondering, asking, discussing, discovering motion and inertia. We added more terms to our motion and force concept poster. Grappling with what forces are acting on moving and stationary objects, really trying to notice and figure out this strange phenomena of gravity. Next week, after playing around with lots of systems and motion labs, they will get to compare their observations, notes, and theories with Newton’s Three Laws of Motion.

The Gummi Bears were setting personal writing goals Thursday in Youth Authors!

Capturing observations, questions, and theories, while shifting from "activities" to intentional experimentation!

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