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Gummi Bears’ Highlights! Mar. 8 – Mar. 12

Social Studies presentations on animal and human relationships!

Building atoms by cutting out protons, neutrons, and electrons!

Animal Farm!

We had some unique pairs as we wrote summaries of Animal Farm. Students could only use 1 sentence per chapter, and were focusing on precision. “This is so hard so much happened!” So great to see such engagement.

Design Team!

Novella and Lily designing our Spectrum/Rockford University field day t-shirts! Novella took inspiration from the font from her lunch box. Thanks for a connected learning moment mixed into Art!

Kaycee shares multilingual Art!

Toby was on fire at Sudoku AND Spanish!

Jude logged 5 hours solely practicing his typing! His commitment to improvement is quite impressive.

A Pi Day to Remember!

Middle Schoolers who recited Pi got to “pie” Aubrey, Douglas, and each other! Hilarity ensued.

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