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World Explorers’ & Trail Blazers’ Journal! Apr. 25 – Apr. 29

PE at RU!

Exploring the wonders of Anderson Gardens...Arigato Keiko!

Two more llamas joined our pack!

We added 45 bags of new dirt to the Spectrum garden on Tuesday afternoon!

Scavenger Hunts!

Thank you Jocelyn for helping Cameron and Lorien set up their Machu Picchu scavenger hunt! Also, DaLyla and Lilah presented their digital scavenger hunt about Machu Picchu using an app called XNote!

Making more art for the auction!

The Magic Flute Preparation!

The Trail Blazers are finishing painting Egyptian-like hieroglyphics on obelisks, painting doors on temples, drawing ancient portraits, creating staves out of foil, painted scenery, and designed headpieces for their costumes For Mozart’s The Magic Flute. The students worked so well and accomplished much this week. It’s starting to all come together…we are excited!

Performances on May 12th at 2:00pm for parents. Morning performance for students as well.

The Magic Flute Sneak Peak!

A lost prince, giant snake, evil queen, a princess, dancing animals, a strange bird catcher, a virtuous priest, dancing guards, 3 mysterious ladies, spirits. . . . .The Magic Flute has them all and more!

Band Concert!

Beginning Band is practicing Cousin Louie and Advanced Band is practicing the encore for Dixie Two-Step for the upcoming May 17th band concert – an encore that will require audience participation! Starting on Monday at 8:00 all band students unite to prepare for the concerts, 9:00 for students and 2:00 for parents.

Drawing the compass rose for our maps!

Continuing our school wide “Wish Day” at Spectrum’s Wishing Tree!

Friday Concert!

Carl Cole gave an amazing concert at Spectrum on Friday! The World Explorers loved chatting with him before he left!

We'll see you in May!

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