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World Explorers’ & Trail Blazers’ Journal! Apr. 4 – Apr. 8

The Trailblazers played Uno with Miss Keiko and learned how to say certain phrases in Japanese!

Tennis with Coach Dan!

Creating painted paper textures to use in our coral reef mural project!

Japanese Children's Day!

Learning about traditions connected with the Japanese Children’s Day celebration and making origami Samaria hats with Miss Keiko!

Recess happenings!

Weaving Football, spending time with friends, and testing out an idea: can a spring jacket be turned into a kite on a very windy day?

Stella shared a coral specimen during our virtual field trip to the Great Barrier Reef!


Practicing rhythm and half notes on xylophones, metalaphones and glockenspiel instruments with Miss Sue!

Reading the birthday poems we wrote for Mary Beth!

Trailblazers have been on a weaving kick while exploring the country of Peru in South America!

Magic Flute!

Miss Sue and the Trailblazers had a great time finding and trying on costumes for their upcoming performance of the Magic Flute by Mozart! Students are so excited to show off their hard work!

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