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Intermediate Elementary Highlights! Dec. 5 – Dec. 9

Mountain Formation Projects!

I’m very proud of my IE students and their hard work on their mountain formation projects! They’ve been learning the ins and outs of rocks, minerals, and land formations. Here we got to see that knowledge in (yummy) action!

Early and Intermediate finishing up our first hopscotch!

Working on multiplication and hundred chart during Math!

Intermediate and Preschool singing, "What's In That Stocking?"

Who-Ville Holiday Show!

The Who-Ville Band, Mayor Augustus May-Who and personal Assistant, Evan-Who, Alexis -Who, Social Coordinator and Stu-Who, Who-Ville Musical Director, performed the first half of our upcoming Who-Ville Holiday show for students and staff.The Big Show is coming up soon….. Are you excited? We are!

A Sequel!

Xander and Luna read a story that ended with a cliffhanger and they were inspired to create a movie sequel. With the guidance of Mary Beth and the efforts and creativity of additional Intermediate students, they completed the story of the sequel and are now in the process of recording it. Stay tuned for the final cut!

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