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Intermediate Elementary Highlights! Feb. 6 – Feb. 10

Intermediate adding large numbers with student-constructed problems!

Quiet Reading!

Our quiet reading time was so calm and relaxing on Tuesday! Evan and our visiting student Kenneth were reading quietly together, Peregrine found a new way to read (and yes, he really was reading like that!), Daliyah was deep into a book on amazing black women in history, and everyone was doing a great job at staying focused.

Can you guess the idiom? Sketches of literal and figurative meanings!

Empathy for Endangered Animals!

Hello, welcome to the amazing Empathy for Endangered Animals group. Spectrum Progressive School and Meg are trying to save Earth and it’s animals. As ambassadors, we will teach others about animals by giving facts, showing empathy posters, and how to be a changemaker.
-Written by Asher
We cannot wait to see how these student ambassadors will educate our community about endangered species!


After 3 years they are back…RECORDERS!!
Warning! I allowed the recorders and books to go home so your child can practice their first 3 notes with a PLEASANT tone! Make sure recorders and books stay in backpacks to come back to school . We practice every Tuesday and Thursday. Ask your child what Recorder Karate is!

Rachel joined the Chess Club for the day!

Jam Session!

All band members came together for a jam session this week. One goal was to encourage our beginners. Older students Ben, Mady, Livia and Lilah were asked to be mentors to Izzy, Daliyah, and Asher and they were! The Spectrum Band will be playing pep band tunes on Thursday for All School Sharing. Wear Band T-Shirts!

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